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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of H.D.P.E./P.P. Woven Fabric / Sacks in Northern India since 1995. Our monthly production capacity is 30 Lac bags and will not anticipate any problem to meet the requirements of our esteemed customers.

We installed the latest New Tape Plant Lorex E120B.1600HS, Circular Looms Lohia make and Lamination Plant along with Cutting, Stitching & Printing Machines up to three colors. There are two Flexo Printing machines up to 6 (six) colors in our Unit. Also, we have special packing & bale pressing arrangements.

Presently, we installed BCS Lohia Corp’s bag conversion line consisting of machines that provide solutions for the conversion of a wide variety of tubular fabrics into bags. The new technology of Bag Cutting, Stitching is increasing our production of bags with the best quality.

After the installation of the new Tape Plant, our daily production capacity has been increased and can meet the requirement of customers according to their specification. We also maintain our Production, Quality of material such as Average weight, thickness, Tensile strength, etc., and clarity of Printing.

We have well qualified/experienced Managerial & Technical Staff who handle the production, quality control & sales activities.

At present, we are supplying H.D.P.E. / P.P. Bags to various Rice Exporters, Sugar Mills, Cattle Feed Mills, FMCG companies, E-commerce industries, and other consumers in the country.

We assure you that we will supply the HDPE / PP Woven Fabric and Bags as per our customer's satisfaction.

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